Find Stolen Images & Enforce Copyright

Visit CopyTrack a free service to help find all your photos being used online without your permission and earn money off that

Find all your digital images on the internet with our Reverse Image Search. Save valuable time and still be sure to find all the illegal uses of your work. Regardless of whether they are photos, illustrations, or digital art.

Upload Your Images

Find your images on the internet by simply uploading them to us. Create individual collections and categories. Our powerful Reverse Image Search runs automatically and constantly in the background.

Confirm Stolen Images

Mark stolen images and submit them as a claim. It only takes a few minutes. We take care of the enforcement of your copyrights. Successful cases in over 80 countries confirm our effectiveness beyond national borders.

Sit Back & Earn Money

Our international team will take care of your case immediately. We are by your side in the fight against image theft and will fight for fair payment for your work. You don’t need to do anything but let our global legal network handle it for you.

Copytrack paves the way for carefree online use of digital images.

they monitor the global online use of images and take care of subsequent licensing and rights enforcement.

COPYTRACK is 100% risk-free

No win, no fee – we retain a commission only in the case of success

No monthly fee, no hidden costs!

You pay no registration fee and no monthly usage fee. Our service is free of direct costs of any kind – we only receive a commission if we succeed. The amount of this commission is 30% for post-licensing and 45% for further legal steps worldwide. Of course, billing is completely automatic to save you valuable time. You never have to pay in advance.

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